How To  Increase Blog or Website Traffic

Social media marketing has always been an excellent way to drive traffic to our blogs.

And as you might know, Facebook and Pinterest are the best referrers of website traffic. However, what most of us ignore is Google Plus, which has recently grown hugely with over 250 million dedicated users.

Increase Blog or Website Traffic With Google Plus

Google plus overtook LinkedIn in 2014 in terms of referral traffic. It recently revamped itself to give competition to Pinterest. Google Plus has always been a favorite to marketers and influencers apart from the common people.

I have been using Google Plus all this time, and I must say marketing your blog on this platform definitely boosts traffic. In past one year, I got almost 9K traffic alone from Google Plus and now it is my second referrer of traffic after Facebook.

So, do you want to tap into this resource of targeted traffic ?
Here are the exact 8 steps by which I drive massive traffic from Google plus (and you can too).

10 Trick To Increase Your Blog or Website Traffic

  1. Create eye-catching posts that engage your audience and direct them back to your blog
  2. Increase the visibility and lifetime of your Google plus posts
  3. Increase your engagement on Google Plus
  4. Join Communities for Massive Exposure
  5. Collections can give you raving fans who crave for your content
  6. Embed comment and plus one in website
  7. Get influencers to share your content
  8. Bonus: Must use Google Plus Tools for Bloggers:

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    1. Thanks for giving your precious feedback, Which inspire us to do more.
      Soon you'll see an updated list here SEO Tips

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