Zong Free Internet 
Zong Free Internet

Hi,there is Sayyad Miskeen, today guys i have latest tricks in which you can use free internet in zong for that you have follow these steps!! or You can learn how to get Free Zong Internet in Pakistan
please follow these steps if You have an Android Phone,

  1. Menu >>
  2. settings >> 
  3. configuration settings >> 
  4. personal configuration settings >>
  5. Add new > >
  6. Web..

Account Name: Web
Homepage: wap.zong.com.pk
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
Use preferred access point: No Access point Settings,
Proxy : Disabled
Data bearer: Packet Data Bearer settings,
Packet data access point: press 0 three times then write
Authentication: Normal
Username: Blank
Password: Blank

Now save the settings and go back and activate these settings as default, then connect the net, make sure your balance are zero........

  • For s60 :
  1. Download & Install Quick Write 2.20 from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] , key is 39598-50704
  2. Launch QuickWrite and Activate Text Engine 'QuickWrite'.
  3. Go to Web Browser(Services) > Settings > Options > Change > Options > Edit > Access Point Name > Change. 
  4. Press * or press 0 three times the cursor will go on the next line, then write or ;
  5. Press OK & save the settings, go back & start browsing...Enjoy...make sure your balnce are zero...
  • For s60v3,
  1. download QuickWrite from this given link [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] key is 39598-50704
  2. folloow the same steps of s60....
  3. enjoy free internet, make sure ur balance are zero...
I hope it helps you.if you have any any problem ask me!
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