Learn Corel Draw X7 in Urdu & Hindi Basic+advance Lesson 58 | Extrude Tool 

Corel Draw X7 in Urdu & Hindi Basic+advance Lesson 59 | Extrude Tool

In this tutorial, we'll get to know the Extrude Tool and manipulate shapes in a 3-D format. We'll learn how to apply gradients to each section, use the tool's features, and use the Interactive Fill Tool and the Drop Shadow Tool in conjunction with the Extrude Tool in order to create rendered designs with a sense of depth

See the image above for how far our simple little flat shapes have come in this quick tutorial. Share your results in the comment section below. Apply such extrusion effects and rendering techniques to an entire alphabet of letters, or create a whole poster design filled with three-dimensional text.

  • How To Use :Select your shape and use the Extrude Tool, found in the Toolbox under the Blend Tool, to drag your shape out to the left to create a 3D object. You can adjust your shape with the tool itself, or adjust its settings individually in the Property Bar

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