Learn CorelDraw X7 in Urdu & Hindi Basic+advance Lesson 60 | Transparency Tool

CorelDraw X7 in Urdu & Hindi Basic+advance Lesson 60 | Transparency Tool

Hi , Friendz my Name is Sayyad Miskeen And today i want to tell you "How to use Transparency Tool In COrel Draw X7" .You know that Transparency Tool is a  bit tricky tool gives you transparent object. It provides the transparency in terms of gradation where the black gives full transparency and the white gives opaque object. We need to draw two different colored objects to check out the transparency. So watch Tutorial as shown in below .

Users of CorelDRAW x7 can apply a transparency to an object so that all objects behind it show through. Users can also specify how the color of the transparent object combines with the color of the object beneath it. Applying Transparencies: Transparencies can be applied to objects by using fills such as uniform, fountain, texture, and pattern fills. It is important to realize that CorelDRAW x7 , by default, applies all transparencies to the object's fill and outline; however, users do have the option of specifying whether or not they want the transparency to be applied to the object's outline or fill. The appearance of the transparency varies depending on where you first click, the direction in which you drag, and the distance you drag.

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